Elongating Temp Senosors

Hi everybody,

Recently I’ve bought a BrewPi Spark with the oneWire temperature sensors. Now I’ve been playing around with a few different setups for my brewing equipment and I was wondering if I could make the wires for my sensors longer ithout affecting the sensor readouts.

Can I just solder some extra wire to the sensors, or will I change the resitance of the wires this way to such an extent that it will affect the sensor accuracy?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

The sensors are digital, so making the wires longer will not affect the temperature reading.

You could buy an RJ12 coupler and a bit of phone cable to make the cables longer, no soldering required.

We have these panel mount couplers in the store:


You can find an alternative in the KCK66PM, but if you do not need it to be panel mount, your local DIY store will have couplers too.