Error meaning and device list refresh - help needed please

Hi All,

Another Brewpi noob here,

Have been having troubles setting up Spark over the last couple of days, Pi is setup, can get into brewpi and temps from devices are being graphed/logged but having issues with getting sensors etc updated in device list. Get the spinning wheel of nothingness. Also sensor plugged into valve expansion board not appearing.

Have noticed in the logs these lines appearing

Jul 08 2018 10:02:24 JSON decode error: Expecting ‘:’ delimiter: line 1 column 131 (char 130)
Jul 08 2018 10:02:24 Line received was: T:


Jul 08 2018 10:18:21 Cannot process line from controller: {“p”:8,“m”:[{“s”:16384,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“b”,“n”:“0”,“v”:201,“d”:[]},{“s”:262144,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“s”,“n”:“1”,“v”:302,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:204,"":""}]},{“s”:262144,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:302,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“1”,“v”:302,"":""},{“f”:“b”,“n”:“0”,“v”:201,"":""}]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“m”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“u”:“6EB73D53EC91DC1E722CC756A713936DBEC74EC324FA22BC8787E7227D73342A”,“f”:“u”,“n”:“1”,“v”:5,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:302,"":""}]},{“s”:131072,“l”:“f”,“vc”:30,“vv”:30,“u”:“09AB03C3127A4FF0030A1A7012AB03F8304D0F93B34B01205B698DF82D408DF8”,“f”:“u”,“n”:“1”,“v”:3,“d”:[{“f”:“s”,“n”:“2”,“v”:11,"_":""}]}]}

have changed usb cords between devises (suggestions from other threads) and using all parts purchased from brewpi. Not a programmer and thought this would be a simple plug and play device.



It looks like you are receiving incomplete lines. This could indeed be the USB cable.

As an alternative, you could try connecting over WiFi to circumvent the problem. The latest release that just came out solves WiFi stability issues we had earlier.

Thanks Elco,

Wireless did the trick. Had tried about 5 usb cables so was certain that wasnt the problem.

Happy brewing.

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Was your LED flashing blue?

I did find a bug after all. When the photon is in listening mode (blinking blue), Particle is also sending data over serial. This interferes with the application serial communication.

I have just released a bug fix to not start listening mode automatically and to disable app serial communiction when listening mode is active.