Error message wizardry

Getting the next error when trying to use the wizard and creating an dashboard.
Failed to create Ferment Fridge Setting-2: 500: CommandException(CREATE_OBJECT failed with code INCUFFICIENT_PERSISTENT_STORAGE)

This error is caused by the block storage on the controller being full. When you remove a dashboard, it doesn’t automatically remove the blocks on the controller.

If you don’t have another setup you want to keep, you can clean things up by going to the service page, clicking the Actions button in the top right corner, and then “Remove all blocks”.
Then run the wizard again.

See for a more complete explanation. We’ll be adding some UI elements soon to make this more intuitive.

Thanks for your answer…but I did a remove and clean installation of Brewblox. Followed the documentation. The fermentation fridge was the first use of the wizard.

Reinstalling the firmware does not automatically remove all blocks.

If you check the spark service page, are you seeing a lot of NEW|BlockType-1 blocks? If so, it’s best to remove those by using the “Remove all blocks” action. If that page is clean except for displaysettings / spark pins, please run brewblox-ctl log.


It’s reporting a large number of blocks, but not showing them. I’ll dig into what’s going on there, but for now you can fully reset the controller by running

brewblox-ctl http post https://localhost/spark-one/_debug/do -d '{"command": "factory_reset", "data":{}}'

Oke! I’ve my HERMS and Fermentation running in Brewblox. Thanks.

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