ETA on new features

I am eagerly waiting for the features mentioned here and there to become available for the general public. When can we expect to have at least a beta of the below?

  • Dedicated Mashing features
  • Multiple Chambers
  • Valve and general outputs other than heating/cooling (with easily available buttons in the main web page)

My personal priority would be the above order, other features/hardware that would be cool but not as important are

  • gravity-measurement
  • integration with recepy tools
  • volume/flow measurement and control
  • utilization of the touch-screen to control pumps, valves, power etc.
  • Security features to allow for control over the Internet, not just LAN


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+1 for Multiple Chambers!

I would also agree on the order of features and have been looking forward for over a year.

With that said, I purchased the brewpi fully knowing there is no official ETA on these features and what the current functionality is. As far as I know, this is the only homebrew controller that can handle two sensors and control mashing temps in my blichmann breweasy clone without overheating the wort, as any other single sensor PID would. I built and tried the Ardbir controller but the brewpi is so much better even without mashing features. That said, if and when we get mashing and valve controls, I would be more inclined to pull the trigger on more sensors and valves from the brewpi store.

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