Expansion board problems (Solved)

Hello World!

I’m just starting to hook up my new particle and have run into a few problems.

  1. When I plug my SSR expansion board into the 1-wire ports all of my temperature sensors start getting physically hot.
  2. The SSR expansion board 1-wire sockets look like they are not soldered into the circuit board well.
  3. None of my temperature sensors show up when plugged into the SSR board 1-wire connections.

Has anyone else seen this?
Does the SSR board need external power? I am powering my Brewpi through the USB cable.


Mine works without any problems. If the sensors get hot this usually means they are wired wrong, at least according to my experience. No external Power is needed.

What kind of wire did you use to connect the Spark to the extension board? Does the extension bord light up once you connected it to the Spark?

How strong is the power supply for your raspberry?

Can you share a photo of the bad solder connection?
For the cable connecting board to Spark, are both sides identical? Make a photo of those next to each other too.

Hot sensors is bad, try to avoid it until fixed.

The sensors are working fine when plugged directly into the BrewPi.
I am using a Linux server for the Web interface instead of a rasberrypi.
Nothing on the expansion board lights up when plugged in. I bought a pre made, 6 conductor, Phone cable to connect to the BrewPi.

I’ll post pictures tonight after work.

Here are the pictures of the cable and expansion board. After taking a closer look at the cable I see that it only has four conductors and the pinouts are different at each end.

I checked all the connectors on the board and none of them are shorted together. Is there a wiring diagram for the expansion board that I can follow?

Here you can see that the RJ-11 connector assembly was soldered onto the circuit board sideways.

Your cable is crossed over

Do you have a network tool and some RJ12 ends? If so, I’d just cut one of the ends off and put a new RJ12 cap on but rotate it 180º. Like @Dan said, it looks like the heads are just not aligned properly for your application.

Thanks guys, I rewired the cable and now the expansion board lights up and is detected in the device list. No more problems with temp sensors getting hot either.

If your connector is not soldered on the board properly, I should send you a new board. It will probably work, but it’s not the quality I’d like to deliver.

Thanks, I’d appreciate it. Do you want me to PM you my address?

Yes please do. I’ll ship you a new board.

Thanks, I got the replacement board yesterday.