Expansion Support (i.e. Tilt)

After getting the BrewPi setup, I think its a great gadget and can do a whole lot of good for my fermentation process. One of the items up on the list to help improve that even further is getting a Tilt. I’ve seen previously that there’s a git repo that will add the Tilt to BrewPi. A question for anyone that happens to have this set up: can I set a profile based on gravity as opposed to time. For example: hold the beer at 63 degrees F while I do a forced ferment test, then set up the profile to ramp at 75% of my maximum attenuation, hold for 3 days then ramp down to cold crash.

@Elco: My second question is for you. Tilt support, and possibly other community-driven extensions, appear to modify the BrewPi script and web interface directly. Are there plans to have a more generalized approach towards these kinds of extensions? I’ve seen a few comments recently towards the redesign efforts will likely break these kinds of integrations where a clearly defined and supported API might keep them alive and enhance the BrewPi product as a whole.

You can’t set up a profile based on gravity, even with the tilt modification. The modification just adds logging & graphing of the tilt readings. Though I would note that in my experience, change in gravity will have started to slow down by 75% so switching to a profile manually when you see things hit 75% shouldn’t cause many problems. I would also suggest triggering the cold crash manually when you see fermentation stop on the Tilt. The last thing you’d want is for the last few points to go slower than expected leaving sugars behind and possibly ending up with bottle bombs. In my experience, the first 75% can take 2-3 days but the remainder can take quite a bit longer.

Yes, we plan to support this in the new stack. I know there is demand for this.