Export to CSV produces empty file

I have a graph, and it is set to a range using the from date till now. When I click on the export graph to csv, it quickly downloads a csv file, however the file is 0KB and blank. Is there a trick to getting it to produce the csv?

Does this replicate if you let it export data for the last five years?

Could you open browser dev tools (ctrl+shift+i), go to the network, repeat the export, and then right click on the network tab to save as HAR file?

attached is the har. I set the time range to 2016 till now. Still 0 bytes

The request side looks fine. Could you please run brewblox-ctl log to get the info for the backend?


I found the problem. This is a bug that has been fixed in february, but the fix has not yet been released.
We’re still hard at work on firmware changes, so for now I’ve pushed this change by itself.

The build will be done in ~10 minutes, after that you can either do a full update, or run brewblox-ctl service pull history to only get the history fix.

Thank you. You guys are the best. The brewblox service is amazing!