External MQTT based sensors and actuators

Hi all!

Been following the brewblox development from a distance for a few months. My current setup involves quite some temp sensors and a few relays that all work on a local MQTT based setup. The temp sensors publish their temperatures on a fixed interval to their own topic. All relays publish their current state on a different topic and can be controlled by getting remote MQTT command. I even made a PWM based topic, so the relays can be used as a slow PWM.

So my question… how hard is it to use the brewbox MQTT broker and get my devices into the brewblox interface?

Hope to get som insight, and maybe a little starting help on this :slight_smile:


Getting data from sensors/relays to UI is simple: publish MQTT messages to the brewcast/history topic, and it will be automatically made available to be viewed in UI. You can find the spec at https://brewblox.netlify.app/dev/reference/event_logging.html#history.

A minimal example for publishing data can be found at https://brewblox.netlify.app/dev/tutorials/pubscript/

(Automatically) publishing events to control relays is possible using the automation service, but is still experimental.
We may also add a widget to the UI that lets users manually publish events.

Getting your sensors and relays to exchange information with a Spark controller would also be possible, but somewhat more complicated - depending on your use case.