Failed to apply Glycol Beer Profile


I have searched the forum, but I have not found something similar to my problem.

I have reinstalled brewblox, I have added from Wizardry, “glycol-cooled fermenter” but when applying the beer profile, it shows me an error:
Failed to apple Follow Temperature profile: 500: EncodeException (keyError (‘enabled’))

Can you help me? I don’t know where my mistake is.


When you edit the action (click the gear icon), what are the changes inside?

You can always manually enable the profile (in the profile widget).

The configuration is by default, I have not changed anything.
Is it enough to activate the profile in the widget? That does work.


It is enough to enable the profile itself. It seems like a small bug in the default config generated by the wizard.

Could you please trigger the error again, and then download the UI error log (sidebar, bug icon at the bottom)?

I activated the profile and it worked correctly, thanks.

I attach the UI error log

brewblox-errors.json (751 Bytes)

Thanks !!!

That’s indeed an error in the config generated by the wizard. A fix will be part of the next release.

You can manually fix the step in your config:

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Thank you very much, it works correctly :+1:

PD: Can the title be changed? I made a mistake.
apple = apply

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