Feature Request: Change logging rate

Now that I’ve switched to a glycol setup, my temperature changes happen so fast, my pump typically only runs for 15-30 seconds; because of this, the graphs aren’t very smooth, but more importantly, the “Cooling On” indicator at the bottom almost never shows up. Two questions:

1.) Can I change this somewhere in the code?
2.) Would you be willing to make it user configurable in the future?

I realize this will take up a lot more storage space, which I don’t mind, are there any other negatives that caused you to choose 2m as the interval?

Here’s the screen shot:

Maintenance panel -> Settings --> Log data point every x seconds.

The minimum in the drop down is 10 seconds. If you just add a new option in the HTML file, it will work. I would not recommend this though, because your charts will become very slow.

I would change your cooler settings to run even shorter, for a smoother chart. Smaller PWM time, smaller minimum ON time, maybe smaller Kp as well.

HA! I feel like an idiot; I looked in Advanced Settings three times before I posted. /sigh. Thanks!