Feature request - custom annotation

realise that this was raised a few months ago on the old forum - http://forum.brewpi.com/discussion/149/add-custom-annotations-to-graph , but just wondered whether there had been any progress on adding in custom annotation functionality for tracking gravity at brewing.

Not that I’ve rigged my fridge light to function through brewpi but if on opening door it triggered the opportunity to enter a gravity reading that would be quite good.

i.e. you open the fridge door (i’m guessing the only reason people open the fridge when using brewpi is to check gravity) it creates a time stamp including beer temp and option to manually add gravity reading, which could then be automatically adjusted to give temperature adjusted reading?

for me personally i guess as my set up isn’t rigged to trigger the door light i’d like to be able to enter it all manually.

is any of that feasible?

I think the main reason is curiousity! I only check gravity near the end.

The easiest way to hack this in is to log a data point in the script, with the annotation and the last known temperatures:

The line is added to the json file here:

Triggered by a message from the web interface.

We will switch to data logging into influxDB in the near future, that is why we are not investing time in implementing it in the current code.

Being pretty much illiterate in the art of programming, I may hold out for influxDB rather than risk messing up what currently works pretty well, I’ll stick to writing gravity readings on my fridge.