There are situations where I want to free rise my fermentation temp. I don’t like to just change the set point because (1) if happens faster than I want it to (2) due to the extra time spent under my set point, the error integral can get too big and the system can take a while to settle down.

Instead, what I’ve been doing is turning off the set point all together, keep an eye on it…and when it reaches the point I’m free rising to, I’ll turn the set point back on. There are also times where my garage (I’m glycol chilled) is colder than the temp I want to free rise to, so I need a little help. In this case, I turn off the set point, and manually set the PWM heat setting to 2-3% depending on the garage temp in order to allow that slow rise when my yeast just can’t do it on their own due to the outside temp.

I think having a Free Rise button (or something to that effect) that turns off the PID action, and then turns it back on when it approaches the set point value would be awesome. It could even take in some parameters to optionally give the free rise a little help if it’s not rising. Like maybe put a “Free Rise” checkbox on this dialog?


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It’s already on the backlog, as is a delta-change setpoint. (Increase setpoint with x deg every y time until temp z).

For now, the closest you can get is to use a setpoint profile that matches the unassisted temp change.