Feature Request: Profile Name on LCD

I have several BrewPi instances running in different fridges. It would be great if the LCD could display the name of the current profile (ie, “Fat Tire”), or maybe cycle through the current status display and maybe a custom image so we can upload the image of the currently fermenting beer.

This would make the BrewPi a total masterpiece in my opinion, and it would encourage people to buy more of them :slight_smile:

We are going for a much more customizable display :slight_smile:
Once we support running multiple processes, people will be running all kind of different setups, so we need a widgetized display. Displaying the custom name of processes, sensors and pids will be needed.

I think you are probably confusing brew name (top of the page) and profile name (bottom of the page). You should be starting a new brew by clicking the brew name under the BrewPi logo for every new fermentation. Otherwise your chart will have too much data and will become slow.