Feature Request: Zoom Control Buttons

I’m not sure which category this belongs in, but I have a minor feature request.

I use Safari and FireFox browsers on OS X. Using the click slide zoom method is a bit unwieldy and I’m constantly refreshing and can never quite get where I want. It would be nice if there were zoom buttons so I can zoom in a bit at a time and zoom out.

On a side note, the rendering in FireFox (OS X) is off. The menu’s are pushed under each other and the graph is off.

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I agree, But for now do it on your iphone, it works great on the iphone.

Thanks for the feedback.
Did you know you can hold shift to drag the chart from left to right?

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I do now. :wink:

@omega3… I haven’t thought about accessing it on my iPhone or iPad.

I agree the iPhone controls are very intuitive; I just wish that the graph auto updated or when you refresh the zoom didn’t get reset; it takes a bit of time to zoom in since my graph has a few months of data when I start.

As far as the holding shift down, that will help big time. Is there a way to zoom back out on the PC/Mac? I can only figure out how to zoom in more .