Feature Request:

Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to make manual data entry a feature, and allow that table to be graphed as another data set. My primary use case for this would be to enter manual hydrometer data points so that I can have fermentation/gravity progress overlayed on the same chart as time and temperature data.

This would allow all my relevant fermentation data to be easily visualized in one place (or screen-shot) at the end of a brew. A workaround is clearly to export BrewPi data as a CSV and make this chart in excel, but integration into BrewPi would just be so handy!

Thank you for your time and efforts!

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Thanks for the feature request. Noted!

The current chart only shows temperature data, so we’d need to add a secondary axis to show SG data. I know this has been done for tilt integration. I currently have my hands full, so I will not code this anytime soon for the current UI.

I will take this feature into account for the new UI we’re working on.

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