Ferment Temp changed on its own

I checked on my fermentation this morning and found that the set point for my beer had changed on its. own. I had it set to 46, and it is now set to 65.4 It looks like the change happened only a couple of hours ago.

Attached are 2 images of the dashboard and the api error log. From the images you can see the set point in the active profile is still 46, but the fridge is somehow set independent of the profile. How can I fix this?

By the looks of it, the profile ended, so the setpoint went back to using its own stored setting.

The behavior is technically correct, but I’ll add an issue for making sure it’s not a surprise (or automatically adjusting stored setpoint setting)

I had previously only had one set point, around September 29th. I added another for today, but it had been running fine until now

I’m going to set it to a constant temp and that should work

That didn’t seem to work. I added a point in the future to bring it back down. But the Ferment Beer settings is still showing a step-in I didn’t set.

And I just power cycled, and it is now working again.

If you just want a steady temperature, you can disable the profile, and directly set Ferment Beer Setting.

The profile not adjusting the setpoint when you add a new point seems like a bug. Will look into that.

Actually, this is not how it is supposed to work.

When the profile ends, the last set temperature should be maintained.

How long had it been running without rebooting? I’m wondering whether it could be an overflow of the time keeping.

Also, why don’t you change the start time of the profile instead of having offsets over 100 days?

I think I see a small ramp up in the setting. So this definitely looks like a bug in the calculation when time overflows.
The part at 65.4, looks like it repeated the start of the profile.

It has been on for a couple of months without a reboot.

I didn’t change the start time beacuse it was easier to just go in and add a new setpoint for the current time.I could reboot at the end/start of each ferementation and probably take care of this.

It should be fixed in firmware. The system milliseconds since boot timer overflows after 49 days. I’ll write some test cases and a fix.

But if you have not rebooted in 49 days, you also have not updated in 49 days. We release new firmware regularly and I recommend staying up to date to get the latest fixes.