Fermentation Chamber minimum temperature

Is there a way to set a minimum temperature for a fermentation chamber? I was bringing wort down to pitch but don’t want the chamber to go into freezing temps due to other gear in the chamber (e.g. fan, airlock with starsan, etc). I can set it for beer temp target but the PID will do it but more aggressively than I’d like. I can also set a chamber temp but then have to babysit it for a while. Searching for this came up with a post from 2019 saying this wasn’t possible but didn’t know if things have changed since then.

First: this may be a non-issue, depending on your fridge. We found that typically, the air in the fridge has relatively little impact, and we can track beer temperature directly. Your mileage may vary, but if you haven’t done so already, it may be useful to verify that this is a problem that needs solving.

That said: it can be done.

You can set up dynamic temperature control with a Setpoint Driver (heat/cool is linked to air temp, desired air temp is used to achieve beer temp). Control chains | Brewblox

This will not let you set an absolute minimum temperature, but you can set min/max constraints on the Setpoint Driver, to ensure that desired air temp is limited to desired beer temp +/- constraint.

If the constraint is 4, and desired beer temp is 10C, desired air temp will not go below 6C.