Fermenting Beer name has disappeared

First of all I’d like to say thanks to the BrewPi devs for creating and support such an excellent project. Secondly apologies if this has been posted previously but I can’t find the answer despite extensive searching.

I’m guessing that this is a bug in the software.

Last night I was playing on my brewpi using the chrome browser on my android phone.

I tried to start a new profile using the link in the header. When I was prompted to enter the name of the beer any text that I typed did not show up on the Brewpi webinterface.

I restarted the mobile browser and when I did I noticed that the name of my fermenting beer was blank. This means that I am no longer able to stop this beer profile in Brewpi or set up another one.

When I view the /home/brewpi/data folder I can see a folder in there called %20. This, I understand, is the equivalent of a blank space. I’ve tried deleting this profile but it did not work.

I tried renaming the beer in the Maintenance Panel - Settings option and I see the following in the logs … “Error: Received invalid message on socket: profileName=Phantom”

I’ve attached screenshots of my web interface, hopefully it will help make my post sensible

Haha, didn’t take into account that this could happen.

The profile name and beer name are not the same. The profile is related to the temperature control, the brew name is a data set. You can for example start or change a profile mid brew. Or switch between beer constant and profile mode.

I think the easiest way to get out of this: inspect the element ‘fermenting’ (right mouse in Chrome).
Then find this next to it:
<a href="#" id="beer-name">%20</a>

Right mouse -> edit text

You can now replace the space with something else to make the beer name clickable again.

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Thanks Elco,

I’ll try that and let you know the outcome.


That did the job. Thanks!