Fermentis S-04 profile

Hello everyone, I read them continuously but this is the first time I write here.
Has anyone had experience using yeast S-04?
What temperature profile did you use?
This is the first time I use BrewPi and I am applying the generic profile that is seen here and I´m sharing.
Are there any that apply better or will it always depend on the bubbling of the airlock?

I can’t comment on S-04, never used it.
But I will comment on your beer temperature.
What’s up with the huge peaks? Do you have a very powerful heater?

Seems to be an Arduino build, right? Then you cannot decrease the intensity of the heater with PWM.

You should definitely increase the filtering on all temperature so you get a smoother fridge setting.

Hello Elco,
First of all, I want to thank you, not only for responding to my concern, but for this wonderful solution that you have given us.
I built my own Arduino (UNO Rev. C) and what I’m using as a heater is a small personal heater similar to the one on the link.(https://www.amazon.com/Lasko-101-Personal-Heater-White/dp/B005Q1APZS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409377739&sr=8-1&keywords=Lasko+My+heat).
What I am not clear of your answer is what you meant by saying “increase filtering on all temperatures”.
What is the action I should perform for that?
Thanks and again, congratulations for this wonderful solution.

In advanced settings, find the filter delay settings, increase their value for the beer filters.

I also suspect that your beer sensor is not inside your fermenter, but strapped to the side. You’ll measure the air temperature or even the hot air coming directly from your heater. BrewPi was not designed for that scenario.

Thanks again.Understood.
The temperature sensor is starpped to the side and isolated from the chamber with a foam pad in order to not to be influenced by the hater or cooler…
I know it is not perfect, but this is my first try with this solution.
Picture attached.
Take care!

I see, your space heater is blowing hot air straight past your sensor. That explains the quick increase in temp.
Your thin isolation won’t do enough. Maybe move it out of the airflow at least.

Your beer is probably only fluctuating by 0.1 degree and not what you are measuring.