Finally, a website update!

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When we released the BrewPi Spark in January 2015, we discontinued the Arduino version of BrewPi. We outgrew the Arduino platform and moved on to the much more powerful Particle Photon. I spent all my time working on new hardware and software and because a lack of time, I neglected our front page. It was…


Hey Elco, the new website rocks, good job :slight_smile:

Long live the BrewPi!

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Hi Elco,

Nice, fresh and modern!

keep up the good work.


Looks great @Elco! Loving the graphics.

Nice work Elco!

Looking forward to the software(firmware and Pi_server) update and how things will flow. I may be able to switch off the BSC-460 from the hot side of brewing.

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Looks great Elco! Hopefully more goodness to come!