First time connect - Device configuration


I am starting the Brewpi spark for the first time. When i click Device configuration i get "Error while receiving configuration: SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unexpected identifier “Couldn”

Anyone who can help how to solve this ?

The Brewpi is connected to the RPI and I have 1 sensor mounted to test.

And the error occurs with and without the Brewpi Spark connected through USB, so It must be on the Raspberry pi the problem is

Running the updater gives “Unable to receive version from controller” but that doesn’t explain the first error on the RPI

Ok. It seems like i solved it myself. I changed the USB cable and made an update. Now I have a working interface. I have attached two sensors, but they dont seem to be measuring anything and its on idle. I could really do with a “Brewpi for dummies” as I have no idea of what I am doing.