First Time Set Up Hardware needs

I’ve been waiting for months ever since I discovered Brewpi. I ordered the Spark v3, temp sensors and two solid state relays. I have an old upright freezer and a heat mat.

What specifically do I need on the raspberry pi side to make the whole thing work? I see Raspberry Pi 3 essentials kids for around $70. Can someone detail exactly what is needed on the Raspberry Pi side? I saw the Jan post on the Hardware shopping list, but it did not detail the Raspberry Pi side.

I’m a little nervous that I am starting down a rabbit hole of time and money, but love the appeal of the web interface and the precise control.

Thank you for helping the noob.


I’m new to this, too, so forgive me off this list is not complete. Here’s what you will need (assuming you have internet/network available):

• Raspberry Pi computer (likely version 3B)
• Raspberry Pi power cable
• Micro SD card & SD adapter
• SD card reader (or some way to connect it to your computer)
• Ethernet cable
• Micro USB to USB cable

What you will likely want:

• Raspberry Pi case
• SD flashing software (likely free)

I got all of the hardware I didn’t already have laying around from Amazon for less than $50.

Thanks andrew, that’s a very complete list.

We’re also making it easier to deploy BrewPi on other systems, so if you have a PC that is always on or a NAS capable of running docker, you might be able to deploy the BrewPi server there.

If you want to run on a Raspberry Pi (which is great as an energy friendly always on server), you will need:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • micro SD card
  • micro usb power supply (> 2.5A)
  • network cable (optional, rpi 3 has builtin wifi)
  • case

Often sold together as a single kit.

Perfect! Found that exact kit on Amazon for $59 with everything! Can’t wait to dig into the controller and getting things set up and running. Hopefully the process won’t exceed my geek abilities and/or the resources online are idiot proof :slight_smile:

Worth mentioning that the Raspberry Pi 3b (Latest version) has built in wifi and bluetooth LE so you wouldn’t need a dongle for it. The on-board bluetooth LE can be used with a Tilt hydrometer if you decide to add one to your setup.

Thanks, forgot about that. I’ll edit my post.