Flipping the spark screen's orientation

Hi community,

Need a little assist here as I am not familiar with coding or using git hub. I am trying to flip the output in the spark so I can place the unit in the bottom of my project box. This will allow the temperature probes to reach my fermenting chamber.

Elco showed me where to make the code change, but I have no idea how to edit, save, recompile, and install the code. I was hoping it would be a “sudo nano save reboot” type fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



It is not trivial, because you will need to set up the build system (install a compiler) too.
Our readme disappeared in the master branch, but has been restored for next release:

Let’s rephrase the question like this:
How many people would like to screen to be switchable? If this is a common request, I can make it part of the user configurable settings, without recompiling the firmware.

Thanks Elco. I think I will keep the screen the same and extend my temperature probes with longer wires. Which should be much easier. I appreciate the help. I’ve really leaned on the people in this forum to help me get up and running.

Thanks again.