For giveaway/sale: BrewPi Spark, kit, fermenting fridge, heater, etc

Hi all, I now live in a house with a basement that stays 19-20 degrees all year, and TBH the BrewPi set up was a bit over my head as I am not very tech-savvy. So I’m happy to give away my stuff to a good home. I live in Oxford, UK, if there is anyone nearby who could come past and pick it up, or I could post if needed. The fridge and heater are optional, but it is all set up and wired and the hardware has all been working fine. Some not very good photos attached.
Best wishes



Hi! Our charity uses the spark to log temperatures of fridges but not to brew. So if you do not mind we are not too far from Oxford in east london (IG11 0HQ).
we do not need the Fridge or the relays. But we could do with the spark, the pi, any temperature sensor you might have and power supply for the the pi.

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Hi - thanks for the suggestion but am sorry that I won’t be able to help. I have just given everything away via Freecycle to a new brewer who is about to embark on a journey into the BrewPi universe… :smiley: