Freezer cycled too often


I don’t have so much experience with the legacy setup - I came too late.
However, one of my legacy setups is running my keezer. What I see at the moment is that the freezer is switched on every 15 minutes, and it cools for about 7 minutes. The temperature setting was 3 degrees.
My doubts are:

  1. Should the temperature in the freezer be a bit more stable?
  2. Does legacy setup have some parameter in order to ensure that the compressor is not switched on too often?
  3. I saw many times in the community that Elco is explaining where should the sensor inside the fridge be positioned but I cant find that information now. So, should it be somewhat closer to the wall or not?

Best regards and cheers

  1. Stabler temp or longer cycles, can’t have both.
  2. The legacy version has a threshold you can set to create a dead zone in which it doesn’t cool. I don’t even remember the name of the setting.
  3. If you place the sensor closer to the wall, it will detect that the temp has dropped quicker, so you’ll overshoot less in the actual air temperature. Too close will make it stop too early though. What you don’t want is that your beer is closer to the wall than the sensor, because the legacy setup assumes that the fridge cools the air and the air cools the beer.