Fridge Constant and Beer Constant

Hi fellow brewers
I got my Brew Spark and went through same trials and tribulations as many others trawling through the net finding clues as to how to set it up. Well, I have the sensors showing temps, so the thing is working. Before I start fridge hacking I would like to know what the difference between Beer Constant and Fridge Constant is? I managed to add a mock Ale fermentation profile and I got the Spark to run it, but I’m still confused as to what “mode” the Spark should be in… Fridge Constant or Beer Constant. Any assistance highly appreciated.

If you set Fridge Constant the fridge will be kept at a constant temperature, but the actual temperature of the beer might be different (i.e. due to heat from the fermentation). If you set it to Beer Constant the beer will be kept at the target temperature by controlling the fridge temperature.

This is also the reason you “need” two sensors (this changed in the newest beta release which allows to work with only one sensor).

Cool, thanks for the reply. I kinda thought along those lines, but in the absence of a “Brew Spark Manual” I thought I’d just make sure before I start hacking fridges, haha.