Fridge setting doesn't match outputs

I’ve got an interesting problem. From what I understand the actions taken upon the heating/cooling cycles are determined by the delta of the fridge setting and the fridge temp (which of course the fridge setting is determined by beer temp if on beer constant.) In my case, the fridge setting is wrong for the action needed to be taken upon the beer temp, but strangely enough, the fridge temp is being managed correctly, even though not to what the fridge setting is telling it to do. Is this normal or do I have an odd error?

Your picture doesn’t show the fridge temp settings you are talking about.

It’s the orange line, or are you not able to see the picture?

I don’t understand the question then. The brewpi software will manage the fridge temp settings to reflect what it assumes it needs the fridge to do in order to maintain the beer temp. It may look odd that in order to keep the beer at say 65 degrees, the fridge needs to be at say… 62. So the fridge temp setting will be at 50 because the software has determined that it needs to run the cooling cycle until it gets to 50 in order to get the liquid mass to start cooling. Then it notices that after running for a couple minutes that the beer temp has started to fall and once it reaches then passes the set beer temp it decides it was wrong, stops cooling and readjusts it’s settings for the next time. This is probably what you are seeing and its normal behavior for a pid. Like I said, I may not understand your question fully.