Fridge temp higher than beer temp

Good Morning! I started my first Brewpi & Lager fermentation on Saturday. Very excited!

Beertemp is + or - one tenth of a degree (50° F) but I am a little puzzled why the fridge temp never gets as low as the beer temp.

This is a 4.4 cu ft mini fridge with an arduino+sainsmart relays with an electric heating pad for heat. All Brewpi settings at default, except the beer profile.


Apparently, this is the fridge temperature that is needed to keep the beer temperature at the setpoint. BrewPi will adjust the fridge setpoint to achieve the right beer temperature.

I think this is happening because your fermenter is close to the back of the fridge, so it is cooled directly a bit, instead of via the fridge air.

Thanks Elco, seems to be working perfectly.

I have the temp probe in a thermowell, but the wire runs up the back of the fridge near the chiller. Do you think it is possible that the beer probe wire is having a chilling effect on the beer?


No all signals are digital. Where your beer is sitting is probably just a bit colder than where the fridge probe is.