G'Day from down under!

G’Day everyone from the land down under!

I’m Jack, Relatively new to brewing, but I have some experience with Arduino.
My set up is as small as possible, need to keep it confined to the laundry.
I have an old fridge with a dead thermostat!

I am ready to buy, but I have a couple of questions first!

a. Does the NL post have a tracking service?
b. What stage is software for the spark at? (i.e. If I had one, will it work?)
c. If I order the Spark Core with the Brew Pi, do I get the original packaging and accessories (if any) that came with the Spark Core?
d. Does anyone know what sort of connector it is on the bottom of the BrewPi (Ie the one you connect the relays to)?

I love being in Australia, but sometimes getting your hands on the cool tech sucks…


a. Yes, but nowhere near as good as FedEx. A local post service will take over from PostNL
b. We’re almost done with porting the arduino code to the new platform. So yes, it will be a functioning temperature controller.
c.Yes. The Spark Core will be programmed and put in the controller, but the original packaging and accessoires will be included.
d.the connectors will be included. http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/pcb-terminal-blocks/8250799/

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