German hefeweizen profile

Hey all,

Looking for recommendations on a temperature profile for a German hefeweizen using Safbrew WB-06 yeast. any recommendations?


Hi there

Hefeweizen is a relatively easy profile. You have two choices.

a - the old fashioned way. Subtract main fermentation temperature from 30, pitch at that temperature. E.g. Main ferm is at 18, so pitch at 12C.

b - modern way (much better) on the attached image.

Hope this helps!

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I usually pitch at 20, wait till it bubbles happily, then lower to 16.5-17 to avoid too much banana. When the bubbling starts slowing down I slowly ramp up to 23 over the course of 4 days for a diacetyl rest. Finally I cold crash at 1C.

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Thanks guys! Much appreciated.