Glycol setup workflow


I saw that @Elco you posted a bit about Glycol setup. I am trying to map out in my head how this should be setup. It seems like it will be a little more complex than the fridge block example that is on the documentation site. I would have the beer sensor and set point. This would control a mutex to either heat or cool. The heat is a heat wrap. The cool is a pump to circulate the glycol. But, in conjunction with the cool would also be a glycol sensor and a glycol setpoint and then a pid to turn on the chiller for the glycol. Would there be a way to only activate the glycol chiller when the temp is too high on the glycol AND the beer required chilling?


If you want to let BrewBlox control the glycol temperature, just set this up as an independent process. I just use the stock thermostat on mine an only have a a sensor inside for logging.

The glycol is at a constant temperature. How often the pump turns on determines the amount of cooling.