Glycol users - advice please

Reading through this and the old forum I’m getting the idea that some people have had success using BrewPi to control a glycol cooled fermenter even though it’s not really designed for this.

I’m trying to do this at the moment with a 200L polyconical using a glycol coil inside the vessel, a Cornelius Maxi chiller and the BrewPi to control a pump that recirculates (currently) coloured water through the coil in the chiller and then the coil in the fermenter. I have the beer temperature measured by a sensor half-way up the fermenter, the fridge temperature from a sensor in the coolant pipework, just after the coolant has come out of the chiller and before it reaches the coil and also a room temperature sensor. I’m using an original BrewPi/Arduino by the way and running in Beer Constant mode.

Does this sound about right or is there a trick to maybe the location of temperature sensors (as I know BrewPi works on the fridge temperature to decide when to cool) which I’m missing?

I understand that the new BrewPi/Spark is planed to have proper support for glycol but I’m unclear on whether that’s implemented yet?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,

My first setup to test the brewpi was like yours. I just mounted the Frideprobe onto the pipe to the coil.
This basically worked out pretty fine. (see below)

I hope this helps.

cheers, Robert