Goes to "Script not running". Unwanted fallout!

I have BrewPi running on Raspbery Pi 3 model B, Raspbian.

The stuff is running on a stability test here now.

Since yesterday afternoon it has entered “script not running” two times. The “start BrewPi” has no effect. Lamp is “breathing cyan” all the time. When I unplug and replug BrewPi power, I get “script running” and things are normal again

Is there a remedy to this situation?



Here are stderr for just before and just after unplug/replug restart:

Jan 29 2018 06:11:57 Notification: Script started for beer 'Test_BrewPi’
Jan 29 2018 06:11:57 Connecting to controller…
Jan 29 2018 06:11:57 Opening serial port
Jan 29 2018 06:12:57 Errors while opening serial port:
Could not open port socket:// timed out

Jan 29 2018 06:13:28 Notification: Script started for beer 'Test_BrewPi’
Jan 29 2018 06:13:28 Connecting to controller…
Jan 29 2018 06:13:28 Opening serial port
Jan 29 2018 06:13:42 Checking software version on controller…
Jan 29 2018 06:13:42 Found BrewPi v0.5.4 build 0.5.4-0-gb18a0ebdf, running on a Particle p1 with a V3 shield on port socket://

Does this help? My stderr log does not seem to go back to the fallout time.

I have downloaded 8.9.4 LTS


I still get

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ particle update-cli
Updating CLI… no plugins to update.
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ node -v
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ npm -v
-bash: npm: command not found
pi@raspberrypi:~ $

A response to my question(s) would be most welcome.

Having the same issue. Was running great for months. Now the script drops out and can’t restart it. Reboot of Rpi3 and spark gets the script running again, but drops out again after a period of time. If it’s helpful the brewpi still controls the chamber and logs the data, just losing the the web GUI.

Are you using WiFi or USB connection between BrewPi and Raspberry Pi? thanks

Ditto issue here. No set pattern to it, can be fine for a week or more then will drop out several times. A restart of the Brewpi and all is well again. Mine is connected to the RPi3 over Wifi. ??


I have a similar issue. BrewPi was running fine for over 10 days and then all of a sudden stopped updating and the fermenter shut down - I didn’t catch until the next morning when the beer had dropped more than 10 degrees (its cold where I am). Restarted the script and now appears to be running ok? Not sure how to keep it from doing that again

@Christian_Fitchett I think your problem is different. For the others (including myself), it loses connection with the Pi and therefore the Pi stops logging, but the controller continues as usual. If you are losing temperature control as well it sounds like a different problem.

This is not a satisfactory state of affairs.
I intend to run my BrewPi + R Pi on a remote location using TeamViewer.
As the units are side-by-side I will use a USB connection.
If I risk the BrewPi falling out and regulation of fermentation temperature terminated, my brew will not be as it should.
Being at a remote site, I am not able to unplug and re-plug the BrewPi in order to reboot it.
As it seems I just don’t fell 100% confident. I shall need to monitor the fermentation process vigorously. Perhaps I should get a WiFi controlled electric outlet.
Any solutions?

I had the spark powered through the pi via usb. Got a power supply and am now powering the spark directly. GUI hasn’t crashed since, only been a few hours so far though.

@BrewOfJohn are you sure that you are losing temperature regulation? The wifi bug that affects most people just causes the Pi to stop logging temperatures and makes it impossible to reprogram the Spark without resetting it. The spark however will continue regulating fermentation according to the set instructions. It’s certainly annoying to lose temperature logging but it shouldn’t affect fermentation or the quality of the beer.

If you are facing the same bug that is affecting most people, connecting the two via USB should solve the problem. There isn’t actually much reason to not use a USB connection if it’s convenient to power the pi wherever your spark is and you aren’t using the pi for anything else. I’m only using a WiFi connection because my fermentation cabinet doesn’t really have room to install a 5v power supply for the pi.

I would not recommend buying a WiFi outlet as a) using the USB connection will probably eliminate the problem and b) I suspect Elco will fix the bug in an upcoming release as he has some leads on what might be causing it (some strange default behavior by the particle p1 firmware that closes down TCP listeners if it can’t connect to the internet for whatever reason).

@hackrsackr I would be surprised if that works. My spark has always been powered through the 12v DC socket and it is still affected. Plus, as I said above, the bug is likely due to the particle firmware shutting down TCP listeners that the brewpi software uses if for some reason it can’t connect to the internet/particle cloud. I can’t see how a different power source would change anything about that. We just need to wait for Elco to rewrite the brewpi software to be robust to this strange particle firmware behavior.

I was worried when I read Christian Fitchett’s experience. Let us hope that time is on our side.
I seem to have read different statements re power supply.
I will run my BrewPi with 2 ssr relays. Is power from R Pi thru USB cable sufficient or should I also have a 12V supply?

I think that Christian Fitchett is experiencing a different problem. In fact it’s not even clear which version of brewpi hardware he is using.

The Brewpi store page states that 12v power is only necessary if you want to use motorized ball valves. A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B can supply up to 1.2A of 5v power over USB. If you are only using the Spark’s actuators to power relays (not motorized ball valves or directly powering heater mats/fans/etc.), I think 1.2A is probably plenty. The particle P1 chip draws 80mA on average (but recommends a power supply capable of 600mA), I can’t imagine the touchscreen drawing more than a couple hundred mA, the relays probably don’t draw much more than 50mA each when active. So I think you are probably fine with USB power from the Pi, unless @Elco thinks differently. I only use 12v power because my setup needs 12v DC to run fans and it’s convenient to just draw power off of that rather than hooking up a separate 5v power supply.

I’ve got a RPI 3B and Arduino Uno (running in legacy mode) setup. Built mine mid-Jan based on the HomeBrewTalk forum build (I wanted to be able to have multi-chamber capability and based on all the comments I read didn’t sound like the Spark didn’t have that capability yet). I’m running on Jessie I believe. Since the “crash” - not even sure what to call it - its been running fine once I restarted the script. Could have been user error - I guess? Luckily it happened after all primary fermentation was done and about a week into secondary - so knock on wood it doesn’t happen again.

I suspected that might be the case. The problem that most people here are dealing with is specific to the spark. Both the hardware and software are different from the legacy setup with an Uno. In fact, the problem is caused by Wifi, which isn’t supported at all in the legacy branch and the Uno is incapable of supporting. If your problem comes back, you will probably get better support by creating a new thread for it.