GPIO module connected reversed to the spark 4 board

I inadvertently connected the display module reversed to the GPIO module (like rotated 180 degrees). At first everything seemed to work fine, but then when I connected the right way around (like as it comes from the factory) the spark 4 board would not turn on anymore. The display module alone would work, but when connected to the GPIO it would all go black and not show up in brewblox.

After some testing with a second spark 4, now the spark 4 board works when connected to the GPIO module, but the module does not read any temperature sensor anymore. I have 3 different ones that I have tried, but none of them show up.
Is this GPIO module dead because of the reversed connection or because of something else?
(The spark 4 board works fine with a new GPIO module).

I designed the pinout to be mostly symmetrical to avoid that this would damage things.
I just tried it with a module here and it still worked fine afterwards.

I think it was something else that caused the damage.
Do you have any more info on what was connected and how it was powered?

Did you have an enclosure around it? Without an enclosure, you should also be careful with steel tables that could short-circuit the pins on the bottom of the board.