Graph Misbehavior

Brewblox release 2021/01/11
Firefox 85.0 (64-bit)
Mac OS 10.13.6

When I look at any graph, I turn off a field, it gets turned back on the very next data update.

More words to make sure I am communicating the concept…
I look at a PID graph.
I turn off viewing of the Input Target and Input Value.
When the data on the graph updates, all fields are graphed again.
Same happens to any graph, including the graph widget.

This behavior is new to me and started with the 2021/01/11 release.


Thanks for letting us know! We’re aware of the problem, and the next release will include a fix.

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Hi Bob
I am having trouble updating a graph in maximized view without returning to normal view and refreshing the graph? Is the graph update set somewhere?
BR Ken

I’m not sure what you mean by “updating”. Changing graph fields? Changing graph duration? Refreshing the page?

The graph does not update automatically, which means that the curve does not show the most recent temperature without a refresh of the graph.

Does this only happen in the full-screen mode, or for all graphs?

What OS/phone and browser are you using?

I use Chrome running under Windows10 to access BrewBlox.

On this maximized and panned graph the most recent point is 11.22 but the current time is 11:25

. Pressing F5 updates the graph which returns to normal mode without panning.
Graph in panned mode
Graph after heating up the sensor and pressing F5 to update. It seems in my case, that BrewBlox stops updating the graph when start panning in either Windows10 and Linux.

When you manually pan the graphs, updates are intentionally suspended. Otherwise the panning would be reset every time the graph updated.

Double click on the graph to reset pan/zoom, and updates should resume.

Hi Bob,
It makes sense. I just thought that the plotting continued even though the graph was zoomed, which could be useful when regulating the mash temperature manually using the Topsflo TD5 pump.

You can also duplicate the graph widget to have a last 2 hours and a last 10 minutes version on the same dashboard if it is something you use often.

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