Graph on the Spark screen

Is there a way to display a graph on the Spark screen?

I know it’d be teeny-tiny but I just want to display a single metric, temp history, that should be useful to see a spike or change in trend.

I use my Spark 2 for mash control on brew day so it’s idle most of the time. I decided to put two temp probes in my serving fridge and the Spark 2 can track and display the temps for that when I’m not brewing (99.9% of it’s time each month). It could even prove useful as an early warning of a dying fridge.

The serving fridge is an old side-by-side fridge and we sometimes use the freezer side for food. Recently the freezer side was above freezing, so it’d also be useful to know when and for how long the freezer temp was unacceptable.

This is sadly not (yet) viable. We could render a graph, but the Spark simply doesn’t have the memory space to store the required data.

Ahh, that totally makes sense and is probably not even worth looking into unless the underlying hardware changes significantly.

I’ll look at employing an old phone or tablet to just show the webpage. That makes a lot more sense and ultimately is far more flexible.