Graphing / Logging other data


I have been using BrewPi for a few brews now and all is well. I have a diy clone of the Arduino RevC shield.

Now however my urge to experiment is surfacing and I would like to experiment logging things other than temperature. Things such bubble rate, pressure, various SG sensors. I know some question the merit of such sensors but I would prefer to avoid that conversation / mine field and concentrate on how easy or not the BrewPi framework can incorporate logging other things along side the existing graphs.

I have no problem with the electronics behind such sensors or making an Arduino read them, but making the Pi graph them or incorporating my low level sensor reading Arduino code with the current dynamically configured Arduino firmware is where I could do with a few pointers…


I would also be interested in this. I sometimes use my brewfridge as a cheese cave, so am logging humidity. Currently this is done through the raspberry pi to a graph on google sheets. It would be awesome to get this data onto the brewpi graph.

I appreciate this is not a priority, but a few pointers on whether this is possible would be great.

After the avalanche of replies to this thread in an idle moment I typed “raspi arduino web log” into Google, guess who was the first hit, yup BrewPi. Time to investigate the other hits now.

Out of interest SwiftPint are you also pushing the BrewPi temperature data to your Google graph ?

Aclopop, I’m not currnelty pushing the BrewPi data to google. I was, but my programming skills arent good enough, so it didnt always work. Need to spend a bit of time properly learning some python…

If you are interesting in my approach, basically I used the python script from this adafruit link

And modified it, to bring last line of data from the /home/brewpi/logs/stdout.txt file, combine the brewpi data with the humidity sensor data, and push it up to a google sheet.
My code was very messy, and the results were intermittent!

Thanks for that, I think I’m going to give this approach a try. It will certainly be quicker than wading my way through the BrewPi code.I will report back (if it works.) Also probably best not hold your breath my only Pi is currently on brewing duty so I need to buy another.