Graphs Lose Scale

I’ve noticed for the past several months that when I set a graph to view “time since” after several hours they stop showing the full time. Switching the view or refreshing the page fixes it for several hours more. I’ve never seen it switch so I really can’t say how long it take. Just an annoyance but I wanted to point it out.

There’s an auto-truncate kicking in after a while to avoid a memory overflow in the UI. When you refresh, it fetches downsampled data.

I’ll make an issue to see whether we can automate the refresh, but I can’t say off the top of my head how convoluted this would be.

OK, I’ll check two if the Kiosk browser I’m using can do that as well.

Any update on this? Unless I missed it it seems the release cycle has slowed to a crawl.

This feature is still on the backlog. It’s probably going to be a filler for either this release, or the next.

The longer than usual gap between releases is due to me getting up to speed with the firmware code. With that done, we’re putting out the next release when I’m done with the Sequence block (for mashing), and Elco is done with PWM slow start.

Thanks. Finding the timed reload of the page to be a pain. Either its too long and I’m only seeing a short window on the charts or its too short and its more likely to refresh when I’m interacting with it.

Update: I implemented the fix. It will be included in the next release.