Hardwiring my fridge


I’ve read the fridge hacking guide a couple of times and I now want to do this with my fridge.

My fridge is a industrial coca-cola fridge and has there for more robust/simple schematics. For example the thermostat has it’s own cable (nothing else connected to that cable)

So I’m pretty I do not have to open up the relay box on my compressor and just ditch the old thermostat and use that cable directly to my SSR. Like I have drawed up here:

Here is the thermostat inside the fridge:

I would ditch it, mount my SSR on the inside wall of the compressor department like done in the fridge hacking guide and just use this cable directly to my SSR

I really can’t see any difference connecting it like this and going directly in the relay box. Can anyone confirm that this will be good?

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This looks perfect…

Today the thermostat switches the power to the compressor on and off. You wat to replace this with the SSR instead. So, your schematic seems correct.

Good luck!