HD44780 Compatibility

Hi all guys,

at the moment I am trying to build revC arduino shield for brewpi. I have 4x20 LCD displays with blue backlight based on HD44780. At the moment I can only see lines 0 and 2 (or 1 and 3 dont know how to count), which as far as I know find is the problem with initialization => the communication between the MCU and the LCD is not proper. Is 0.2.10 with the patch for 0.2.11 compatible with the HD44780 LCD controller?
Since I am building the code myself, I do not know if I have explicitly to set BREWPI_SHIFT_LCD or not. Is there any feedback from the LCD?
I hooked LCD latch signal to the Arduino pin 10. I say this cause in the schematic available on the WEB, I see two possibilities, IO10 and A3.

It was a bug with the E signal of the LCD. So, just ignore my question above.