Heater for a flat bottomed freezer (advice)

Hi everyone,

Looking for a bit of advice on a heater for my build.

I’ve just picked up the chest freezer I’m going to use, which has a flat bottom. I had planned to put a tube heater in the kind of step that most fridge/freezers have for the compressor.

However given my freezer has a flat bottom I wondered if I should go with something else.

First option I was thinking of was wrapping heating wire around the FV. I think this would be quite good when working but it’ll be a pain for cleaning.

Second I could have a small grill thing at the bottom (like in the fridge hacking guide) with the wire on it.

Otherwise I was thinking I could build a little raised platform for the FV and keep the tube heater idea as planned. If I do that I think I’ll need to extend the hight of the chamber slightly I think, which adds complication to the build.

Anyone got any thoughts on what might be best from experience?


First of all, a flat bottom is great. More space for carboys. Just attach the tube heater to the side of the freezer.

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