Heater settings for Fermwrap?

I’ve had BrewPi running for the past couple years using a Fermwrap (40w I believe?) as the heater (attached to the inside of the chamber, not directly to the fermenter) controlled by a PowerSwitch Tail.

I hadn’t upgraded for a long time, but earlier this year I finally got around to installing 0.5.2. The weather has finally gotten cold enough for the heater to be needed occasionally, and I noticed that the Tail was cycling repeatedly, turning on for a fraction of a second and then off for ~4s. Digging around here, that appears to be due to the Heater PWM period and Kp. With these settings, the heater wasn’t able to make any progress… it ran for ~12h without raising the temperature at all.

Before upgrading, I was pretty happy with the results I was getting, which seemed to just leave the Fermwrap 100% on during the heating cycle. Is there any reason not to increase the Kp to 100 and the PWM period to some much larger value (e.g., closer to the 1200 default of the cooler)? Or is there a better way to achieve this with other settings?

I would leave the PWM period to a short cycle, but indeed increase Kp. 100 sounds fine for a low power fermwrap. This means that it will be 100% ON for a 1 degree temperature error.