Heating And Cooling Issue

So I have a Paint can with a light bulb for heating and a mini fridge for cooling. I set the can to heating device and the fridge to cooler device. I started heating at first and appeared to be logging it. The problem is when it stopped running the heat cycle the bulb stayed on and continued heating while in idle. I then came down in the morning and both the light and the fridge where running at the same time.
Why is the light staying on even when its not heating and why would both ever run at the same time. I turned it all off just because I didn’t like my light being on so much.

Are your heater and cooler set to inverted?

Yes they are set to inverted, I believe.

With the BrewPi Spark, they should be set to not inverted.When you set them to inverted, they are ON when they should be OFF.

Well i noticed that button but i never changed them from default.

Not inverted should be the new default since 0.2.7

If thats the case then thats what they are at, cause I am up to date.

i restarted my pi and reconnected all the sensors and digitals which by default were set to inverted. I switched them over to not inverted and it seems to be working.

The default setting for inverted/not inverted is used when requesting the available devices in device manager. When you install them, the value in the web interface is stored. It does not revert to defaults on a reboot, but loads the stored value.

Glad you got it working correctly.

Ok, that leads me too another question. Because of where I live my nieghbor hood has at least 1 power surge/outage a month. In my graph you can see where it happened. I was home when it happened but I have to go back in and set everything in the ui up again.

Ok i Checked my log and i am running the 0.2.6 version. I want to update but nerves to take a swing at flashing my brewpi.

I tried to flash the brewpi.bin via the maintenance panel and got this.
**** Spark Core Program script started ****

Settings will be restored if possible

Devices will be restored if possible

Checking old version before programming.

Checking current version: Found BrewPi v0.2.6 build 0, running on a Spark Core with a Rev-C shield on port /dev/ttyACM0

Requesting old settings from Spark Core…

Saved old settings to file oldAvrSettings-Mar-17-2015-08-07-42.json

Problem flashing file: 87

Mar 17 2015 08:07:43 New program uploaded to Arduino, script will restart
Mar 17 2015 08:07:52 Notification: Script started for beer ‘fridge test2’
Mar 17 2015 08:08:04 Found BrewPi v0.2.6 build 0, running on a Spark Core with a Rev-C shield on port /dev/ttyACM0

Are you trying to flash this file?


You should not have to set everything up again, settings are stored in persistent flash memory.

yes that is the one used. that gave me that message.

Did you try again? Is the file you are using 96.308 bytes?
Can you try re-downloading the file?

I’m going to try that it says it was zero bytes

I’m getting the same message as before and this one has all the bytes. when i flash do i need to check yes or no on any of the restore buttons.

Please check no to restoring devices and settings now. Are you sure you are selecting the correct binary now?
I doubt the error message is exactly the same.

Ok I will try that and yes i downloaded the one from the site it was 94.1 on the site but when I check properties its 96. I’m not home now I will report back later

Well that worked. And i also did it from my mac cause the pi runs a little slow and the download was asking weird. But now my beer temp is 3 degree higher in the UI then my probe readings on the brew pi

Ran echo -ne ‘E\n’ > /dev/ttyACM0 and it seems to have fixed temp