Heating and cooling simultaneously


For info I have a BrewPi V2 with BrewBlox, version 0.2.2+1176.g546b359d.
Today just happened to notice that one of my three fridges was heating and cooling simultaneously. Weird, I am currently fermenting and have not altered any settings. Have done a manual power off reset and all seems ok albeit it is heating to catch up with the temp.

brewblox-errors (2).json (35 Bytes) graph-Fridge 1 Graph-spark-one-downsample_1m.csv (17.6 KB)

Judging by your graph, your mutex may be missing or misconfigured. The fridge actuator correctly uses its “minimum on” constraint, but the heat actuator should only trigger some time after the fridge stops cooling.

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log, and post a screenshot of your relations diagram (spark service page, top right, either next to or in the menu)?



Not sure if the log worked?

Log worked. Relations look good (there’s a mutex). I’ll have to be at a desktop to fully check settings (log file doesn’t read well on mobile).

You can also check in the spark service page. Mutex 1 should have a minimum lockout time of 1.5x the fridge period (the settings dialog also explains this.)

You may want to look into your fridge minimum on time though - it seems a bit long in the graph. 30 minutes is usually enough.

Thanks for your time Bob, as far as I know all the settings are as default. The mutex I have set to 45mins, the fridge PWM is at 30mins. I know I have a couple of ferments through since the last upgrade seems odd it chooses to heat and cool simultaneously.

It’s rather weird. Default settings have always had a mutex lockout period.

Please let us know if the setting gets wiped again - that’d be an indicator we need to start hunting bugs.

Will do.
Thanks again