Heating & Cooling when it should just be Cooling?!?

Any idea what I setup incorrectly? I’m just running off the Fermentation Wizard settings.
My wort is 75 F and my profile setpoint is 68 F, yet is continues to cool AND heat when it’s nowhere near the set temperature. In other words, I would think it would ONLY cool until it reached 68 F because it’s at 75 F now??
Thanks for any help you can give!
RD Harles

By the appearance of lines, settings were toggled around 1520, and the system is being flipped around to adjust.
What settings did you change, and when? Could you please post the PID graphs for this period as well?

Im sure this is going to be impossible to follow. Let me know what you’d like to see and I will post.
p.s. If I changed something at 1520, it wasn’t on purpose. I was digging around but I don’t think I made any changes.

Also, would it be easier if I ran through the wizard again and started from scratch. I have no idea what I might have messed up.

I went ahead and reran the Ferment Fridge Wizard. It created a duplicate “Fermentation” and “Layout” but I just deleted the old ones. I assume it doesn’t matter that some things now have a dash (*-2)?
Anyway, it kicked right on and is full on “100% cool” like I would expect so I think I’m good!
That wizard is pretty smart.

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