Heating element issue

Sooo this may not be a brewblox issue.

But the very first time I fired up my brewblox install the kettle element had voltage but just didn’t have the wattage it normally use to. Basing this off of the fact it was bubbling but detox sound coming from the kettle when it usually sounds like a jet engine. Never had the issue again in all my testing. But then today I fired up and again bubbling. But zero sound and it’s def taking forever to heat!!!

That seems like something you’d want to check with a multimeter.

Yeah I have reached out to denord for close know resistance measurement. Once it hit 150° it started working better. Soooo I’m assuming the element is going bad!!

I had a burnt out SSR recently that took a bit of fault findiing to get the the bottom of. Luckily I was only a the point of heating up the water to mash in temp so didn’t affect the brew. If you are getting some heating it’s unlikely to be related to the SSR though.

Seems things are working ok. But my kettle pid is always 2degrees under target. Even when in boil mode. Any easy fix to that. Or should I upload data??

The I part of PID exists to solve that. Try increasing Ti.

PIDs are not brewblox-specific. We’re always happy to help tune, but if you’re looking to understand the theory behind this behavior, you could google “PID steady state error”.

Are you using a BrewPi Spark or a standalone PID?

On the Spark, boil mode just sets a minimum PWM value if the setpoint is above the boiling temperature threshold. It that minimum is not enough to keep the boil going, increase the minimum.

Adjusting the minimum did get me to a boil. So that will work!!!