Heating with light and heater

Hi Guys,

I have setup a home built brewpi and was thinking of using both the heater and light at the same time for heating.I assume this is possible, just wondering how I would achieve this. Any advice?


Check advanced settings -> use light as heater

I did set that option, unfortunately it used ONLY the light, rather than both the light AND the heat pad.

I’ll try it again.

I thought we wrote it in a way that you could have both a heater and a light installed as actuator. If that’s not the case, I’ll have to check when I am back at work.

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Thanks mate, that would be great.

I did try the setting again and it certainly stops the heater and turns on the light.

Perhaps I missed an option?


Now had time to check (was on my phone earlier). I think this line is wrong and !cc.lightAsHeater should be removed.

I suppose so, but what’s the point of turning on the light and the heater?

I ask the same question? Both? If your goal is more rapid temperate delta, why not buy a cheapo hair dryer, put it on high and hang it with some s hooks. BOOM, turbo heater, for less than $20.

Hi Adam,

Have you tried the heater on its own? The light may not be necessary.

I’ve just rejigged my setup and added a paint tin with a 25W light bulb inside. It works great and raises the fridge temperature very quickly.

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay, for some reason the forum stopped emailing me that there was updates.

I have been using the heatpad on an STC-1000 for quite some time and it definitely works. I was hoping to experiment with the light on its own, heat pad on its own and both together, to have a look at how it effects the way that the brew heats up. The temp logging that the system does would be great for monitoring the differences. So it’s not an essential thing, more of a curiosity thing. Perhaps using a combination would result in a smoother heating, heating from top and bottom? I am not sure which is why I wanted to try it.


If you can wait until the end of the week we will release new firmware with this feature in it. :slight_smile:

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Hi all - I see that the new software has been released in GitHub. What is the process for upgrading for pi/arduino setups?

Don’t mind me…asking silly already answered questions! I found the instructions and have upgraded my firmware. Will check if it has resolved my issue when I get home.