Hello Fellow Brewers

I’m joining your community as a beginner brewer, experienced Arduino programmer, and an advanced Pi programmer. I specialize in API’s and “hacking WiFi.” I have never used a HERMS system, but I’ve read a bunch about it. I’m an American that lives in Germany that does not have to worry about utility cost and have quite a few extra rooms to dedicate to playing…

I’m currently assembling my system from scratch and believe that if I document my progress well that I could assist in bringing more people in… anyways, HELLO WORLD!

Hello, very jealous to hear about you play rooms!

Welcome to you @Stephen_Luchsinger ! I see you’re a coder! You’re welcome to contribute to our firmware/rPI development! If that’s interesting to you, just let me know what you’d like to work on and we can draw up a plan.