Help after water damage

Oops. Had the photon just above the kettle, and it (partially) fell into some water during cleaning, when I pulled on some cables that pushed the photon.

Had it on the radiator for a day and tried my luck. Almost everything works - screen, in/outputs - however it does not seem to talk to the raspi anymore. I keep seeing the 'Errors while opening serial port : could not find compatible serial devices" error in the log.

Any experience with this? Is there any way to confirm this is due to water damage/ short circuiting? Tell me there is hope…



Sorry I missed your e-mail.

The USB connector is part of the photon, which is a module that is easily replaced. But if everything still works, it doesn’t sound like the photon is damaged by water.
It is more likely that you yanked on the USB cable trying to save it and damaged the connector.

Either way, just buying a new photon will solve it, there is no need to replace the entire BrewPi Spark.

Thanks for the reply. I am still trying to open the case without breaking anything… do I pry with a screwdriver in the 4 holes in the case?

First unscrew the four bolts, then open like this:

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