Help! Brewpi not heating

Hi, my Brewpi doesn’t seem to be heating, anyone have any ideas? In beer constant mode, set at 19.4C. Beer is sitting at 18.3C and it has been idling for 7hrs 58 mins.

Anyone able to help? Have I missed something obvious?

The most obvious question is: do you have a heater installed in the device manager?

Is this with a BrewPi spark running the latest firmware? Post the output of the control algorithm tab.

I cannot tell you if you missed something, because you gave no information to help figure out what is going on.

I updated to the newest firmware and its showing some heating activity! I’ll remember to do that in the first instance in the future. Thanks.

OK, so while I now have heating, it seems to have overshot and is continuing to heat, should it not have turned off by now? Fermenting 50L. Should I be tweaking the settings?

I appreciate its only 0.4 degrees over but I’m nervous about the heater staying on.

The heater is maintaining fridge temperature. The fridge setting is overshooting due to the integrator that has built up too quickly. As you see, the beer takes about 2 hours to respond to the fridge temperature. During this time the integrator built up. It is advised to set the integrator time constant to longer than that, for example 4 or 8 hours (14400 / 28800).

You can also:

  • Increase beer to fridge Kp (higher difference for a faster response)
  • Limit the beer to fridge difference. There will be no integrator windup when clipped to the limit.

I do think I can improve the algorithm to unwind the integrator quicker if the setpoint has been reached. I will need to run some simulations. Could you describe your physical setup? Heating power, beer volume, fridge dead space, etc.